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Hi, my name is Ruben. I'll tell you my story with ten slides
After defending my thesis two years ago I left my home location for mastering my digital skills
I started with half-year digital courses in Red Keds creative agency. That was awesome!
I've also learned some secret spells (like *woosh*, *woosh*, “Pepyaka!!!”)
After a month of those courses I've met a lot of interesting people and even got a job
That was my first and beloved digital agency,
for next year we've been working hard on many interesting projects
I've been responsible for strategy, social media marketing, presentations and pre-sale proceses
At the same time i have visited every available digital event and party, I've been writing articles and making friends in RU-net underground
But after a year I faced the evil side (Just like in any fairy tale).
It was “out of opportunities”. And I felt very bad about that.
So.. after thinking a bit I decided to act like a mature responsoble grown-up - to get fired and fly to India with friends of mine:)
Buddha didn't accept my friend request and i was waiting for enlightenment in cafes, reading books.
I had passive income on some personal web-projects, so i wasn’t hurrying anywhere.
After a month of yoga practice in holy mountains, i restored my life points to 146%
Finally, Buddha has come!
He said: “OK, you're a good guy, I accept your friend request. And now go to Moscow, great projects are waiting for you there!”
So, now I'm looking for interesting projects, creative teams and a lot of experience. My task list is crying.
Also, sometimes i’m interested in projects like this
Thats all, thank you for reading. Here is my Resume and Linkedin page. Share please:)
And note: every Like or Tweet will turn one Justin Bieber fan into a normal person!